Forest Jobs and Recreation Act

Jon Tester introducing the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act in Seeley Lake, MT
Jon Tester introducing the Forest Jobs and
Recreation Act in Seeley Lake, MT

Montanans depend on our National Forests for jobs, clean water and our outdoor way of life. But today, too many of our sawmills are shuttered, too many families are out of work — as our forests are turning red from runaway beetle attack. Meanwhile, as Montana grows, our clean water and special places to hunt and fish need to be protected.

All Montanans deserve a voice in the future of our public lands. That’s why Montanans from all walks of life — hunters, anglers, loggers, conservationists, motorized users, mountain bikers, and business owners — have been working together to set a new vision of healthier forests, communities safer from wildfire, and more prosperous families.

Senator Jon Tester has heard the voices of Montana. Senator Tester’s Forest Jobs and Recreation Act builds a new vision for Montana’s national forests.

The Bill Benefits Everyone

Communities in the Yaak, around Seeley Lake and across Southwestern Montana have worked hard developing plans for managing our forests. These plans are the foundation of Senator Tester’s Forest Jobs and Recreation Act. Through stewardship logging, preservation of pristine backcountry, guaranteed access for snowmobiles and motor vehicles, and potential for biomass energy production, the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act protects our way of life, family-wage jobs and our legacy of managing the land wisely.

Forest Jobs and Stewardship

This bill puts Montanans back to work in the woods and mills with light-on-the-land stewardship logging that will help to restore economic and forest health. Such projects include restoring watersheds, reducing risk of wildfire, cleaning up beetle kill, and maintaining trails and campgrounds. Local advisory committees will help the Forest Service do its job better.

Outdoor Heritage

As Montana grows, develops, and attracts more and more visitors, our wildlife habitat, water and special places are under more and more pressure. Outdoor recreation opportunities — from hiking and camping, hunting and fishing to mountain biking, snowmobiling and ATV riding — all have a place on our forests. The Forest Jobs and Recreation Act focuses on protecting the freedom to enjoy our forests. The bill protects forever some of Montana’s most valuable pristine lands, such as Roderick Mountain, The Centennials and Monture Creek, while guaranteeing access for Montana’s full variety of outdoor activities.

Biomass Energy

Montana has the opportunity to be at the forefront of developing clean, renewable energy sources. The Forest Jobs and Recreation Act promotes biomass energy generators in Montana’s local sawmills, a step that could lead to many more jobs and help secure America’s energy independence., canadian drugs propecia, nolvadex fiyat,