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Hunging/Fishing and Recreation


Greg Munther, Montana hunter, Missoula

"Montana's public lands offer some of the best deer and elk hunting
anywhere in the world. I’ve been hunting on the Beaverhead-Deerlodge
for 50 years. I’ve seen a lot of change. We need to protect our best
habitat and public access to maintain this Montana birthright."









Jerry Wandler, Troy business owner, Troy.

"If a community can work together, it benefits all parties involved. Not just the recreation or the environmentalists or the timber. It benefits the community, and that’s why I support the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act."

Tom Reed, Montana fisherman, Pony

"The Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest is the headwaters of Montana’s most legendary trout streams — the Madison, Beaverhead, Big Hole and Rock Creek. The clean water streams are priceless — for fishing, irrigation, drinking and other uses. The Forest Jobs and Recreation Act keeps those waters and other waters in the Lolo and Kootenai National Forests clean and protects our right to use and enjoy them."

Joel Chandler, Kootenai Ridge Riders ATV Club, Libby.

"In my mind, you are part of the problem or part of the solution. Let’s go find it. You can fix a lot of things with that if you use that spirit."


Sherm Anderson, owner, Sun Mountain Lumber, Deer Lodge.

"This bill provides the means for better forest management for the benefit of all."

Gordy Sanders, Resource Manager, Pyramid Mountain Lumber, Seeley Lake.

"This public-private collaborative partnership delivers predictable outcomes and economic benefit to folks in rural communities, while improving forest health and ecological balance in a sustainable way."

Tanya Gillman, Sun Mountain mill worker, Deer Lodge

"Montana's jobs and families depend on healthy forests. I hate to see beetle-killed trees left to die and fuel wildfires, when I know forests could be thinned and the wood used. Doing this would help protect local communities and provide jobs. That's why I support the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act."

Conservation Leaders

Robyn King, Yaak Valley Forest Council, Libby.

"Until we lock arms locally, we will never be able to stand up to outside forces. With the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act, we’re demonstrating we can work with each other. We can stop treating the Forest Service like an occupying army and treat them like our neighbors and help them be good stewards of our land."

Charlie O’Leary, president of Montana Backcountry Horsemen, Butte

"Montanans love their clean water, natural beauty, and big quiet spaces. Those are gifts that belong to all of us. We owe it to future generations to protect the things that make Montana special. That's why I support the Forest Jobs and Recreation Act."

Smoke Elser, Outfitter, Missoula.

"Our ability as outfitters to continue guiding and interpreting the land depends on Montana’s most important asset—big quiet unspoiled country. And right now, we have the best chance we’ve had in years to safeguards our outdoor heritage."

Community Leaders

Alan Rome, Owner of Ace Hardware, Deer Lodge

“Montana jobs and prosperity depends on wise management of our natural resources. Senator Jon Tester understands we can both use the land and protect it. In Montana, a healthy environment and a robust economy go hand-in-hand.”

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